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Dab-Dab,乐队🚌 as soon as she got the message,乐队💔 went straight off to the pearl fisheries and gave the Doctor's instructions to the cormorants.


"Well,乐队🔐 we got chatting,乐队🚊 the way people do,乐队🍶 and I found out that the cat lived at a farmer's house about a quarter of a mile down the Oxenthorpe Road. Then I walked part of the way home with her,乐队⬜ still chatting,乐队👜 and I found that she was a very agreeable individual. I told her about the rats in the stable and the difficulty I had in making them behave,乐队🚰 because the Doctor wouldn't allow any one to kill them. And she said,乐队👨 if I wished,乐队🍎 she'd sleep in the stable a few nights and the rats would probably leave as soon as they smelled her around.


"In my travels through the woods I heard children's voices and the barking of a dog. Usually I would have gone further into the forest,乐队📠 away from such sounds. But in my young days I was a curious bird and my curiosity often led me into many adventures. So instead of flying away,乐队🏡 I went toward the noises I heard,乐队💾 moving cautiously from tree to tree,乐队🐕 so that I could see without being seen.大伢乐队

"What do you think,乐队🍞 Dab-Dab,乐队☠" he said breathless with excitement,乐队✊ "I've got a second letter from the turtle and the messenger is going to take us to see him!"


"On the outskirts of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh there lives a farmer who swears to this day that his cat can understand every word he says. It isn't true,乐队💙 but both the farmer and his wife think it is. And I am now going to tell you how they came to get that idea.


"What are you going to say to Wilkins,乐队🚉 Doctor?" asked Dab-Dab as the canoe glided along over the moonlit sea. "It's a pity you haven't got a pistol or something like that. He looks a desperate character and he isn't likely to give up the pearls without a fight."

"All right,乐队🚃" said the Doctor. "Do that. It will take me another four hours at least to reach Fantippo at this pace."

Then Gub-Gub got all worked up and before anybody could stop him he had taken a plunge. The pig went down so quick and so straight he got his snout stuck in the mud at the bottom,乐队🍌 and the Doctor,乐队🐕 still out of breath,乐队🐞 had to go down after him and get him free. The animals by this time were at such a pitch of excitement that even the white mouse would have jumped in if Gub-Gub's accident hadn't changed his mind.大伢乐队

And then the Fantippans,乐队📋 who so far had been very timid about going far out to sea on account of storms,乐队🌆 now that they had a good weather bureau and knew what weather to expect,乐队👹 began building larger sailboats,乐队⏳ instead of their little frail canoes. And they became what is called a mercantile nation,乐队😱 traded up and down the shores of West Africa,乐队🛂 and even went as far south as the Cape of Good Hope and entered the Indian Ocean to traffic in goods with people of foreign lands.

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    "'It was for your sake I got myself into this beastly mess,乐队🏥' I said,乐队👋 as she stalked by me with her nose in the air. 'You're an ungrateful woman,乐队📃 that's what you are.'

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    "Give me that letter,乐队👽 Doctor. We'll show him."

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    "But even Columbus himself never learned to his dying day that it was the weather-beaten bird who had fallen on his friendly deck some years before,乐队🌔 who had led him by the shortest cut to the land of the New World.

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    For a moment Too-Too's plump sides shook with silent laughter as he recalled the scene he was describing.

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    "Give me the message,乐队🚅" said the white mouse,乐队🌉 "and I'll hand it to Dab-Dab before you can say Jack Robinson. She's sitting in the tree,乐队🌠 where the hole comes out."

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