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"Welcome,电视剧✈ John Dolittle. Welcome to Lake Junganyika."

Now,主演🌋 when the Emir of Ellebubu had thrown the Doctor into prison he had refused to allow Dab-Dab,主演📇 Jip or Gub-Gub to go with him. Jip put up a fight and bit the Emir in the leg. But all he got for that was to be tied up on a short chain.


"Now,主演📭 it happened that a few days later a neighboring king made war upon the king that owned the country where the pig family lived. Things went very badly for the pigs' king,主演📌 and,主演🌲 seeing that the enemy were close at hand,电视剧🗻 he gave orders that all cattle and farm animals and people should be brought inside the castle walls. The pig family was also driven into the castle grounds. But before he left,电视剧🏄 the baby pig went and bit off a piece of his Magic Cucumber and took it along with him.


"We married her off,电视剧😬" said the great creature,主演📙 nibbling idly at a lily stalk. "We couldn't stand her here,电视剧🚅 any more than the King could. You never heard anybody talk so in all your life. Yes,主演🏢 we carried her one dark night by sea far down the coast of Africa and left her at the palace door of a deaf king,电视剧🚛 who ruled over a small country south of the Congo River. He married her. Of course,主演👺 being deaf,主演🍓 he didn't mind her everlasting chatter in the least."

"He was pulling out a loose tooth"刚力彩芽主演电视剧Now,电视剧🐆 one evening not long after the Golden Jays had gone west,主演☎ the Doctor was writing letters in the post office by the light of a candle. It was late and all the animals were fast asleep long ago. Presently while he wrote he heard a sound a long way off,电视剧🌠 coming through the open window at his elbow. He put down his pen and listened.

John Dolittle steered the boat up closer still and continued to talk to the woman in a kindly way. But she seemed for a long time to mistrust him because he was a white man. Little by little,电视剧🍣 however,电视剧😇 the Doctor won her confidence and at last,电视剧🍉 still weeping bitterly,电视剧😏 she told him her story.


Presently the keeper opened his eyes wide and stared up into the Doctor's face.

The Doctor saw a great deal of new country,电视剧💢 trees he had never met before,主演🌏 gay-colored orchids,电视剧💟 butterflies,电视剧🗽 ferns,电视剧🏬 birds and rare monkeys. So his notebook was kept busy all the time with sketching and jotting and adding to his already great knowledge of natural history.刚力彩芽主演电视剧Years afterwards,主演😁 the birds visiting Puddleby told the Doctor that the King still had the flowers in the window-boxes of his old houseboat carefully tended and watered in his memory. His Majesty,电视剧💴 they said,主演🔑 never gave up the fond hope that some day his good white friend would come back to Fantippo with his kindly smile,主演🔋 his instructive conversation and his jolly tea-parties on the post office veranda.


Cheapside said that the message was so long he was afraid he would never be able to remember it by heart. So John Dolittle told him to take it down in bird scribble and he dictated it to him all over again.

"Who is Cheapside?" asked Speedy.

So the gull,电视剧🍌 after thanking the Doctor and Dab-Dab for a very excellent luncheon,电视剧🎴 took a couple of postcards which were going to Angola and flew off to get One Eye,电视剧🌞 the albatross.刚力彩芽主演电视剧"I suppose they get rather tired of it,主演🌵 poor fellows!" murmured the Doctor.

Now,电视剧🌹 the peoples of West Africa have curious tastes in dress. They love bright things. And some Fantippo dandy started the idea of using up old stamps off letters by making suits of clothes out of them. They looked very showy and smart and a suit of this kind made of stamps became a valuable possession among the natives.


  • "I went to her farm and found her in the farm-yard. I thanked her for what she had done and asked her why she hadn't been around to my place of late.

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