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"I too am glad,火柴👥 John Dolittle. You are the only one in the world now who understands the speech of animals. And if you had not come my story of the Flood could not have been told. I'm getting very old and do not ever move far away from Junganyika."

By the following morning everything was in readiness to put to sea. The anchor was drawn up and with all sail set the Doctor's ship moved northward before a favorable wind. And it is from this point that my story begins.



"About midnight I met the lady mouse with whom I was in love,火柴🏈 beneath a lamp-post. And,枪手🌔 would you believe it? She wouldn't speak to me! Cut me dead,枪手➰ she did.

"I want a postal order for ten shillings,枪手🏂" said the man. "I am going to send some money to my sick wife."火柴人枪手4

"No,枪手🍄 of course not,枪手🚜" said the Doctor. "But there will be no fear of my leaving for some time yet. You could have the whole ship to yourselves and nobody will disturb you."


Cheapside's help was,枪手🗽 indeed,火柴👨 most valuable to the Doctor. The King himself said that the mails were wonderfully managed. The letters were brought regularly and never left at the wrong house.

One morning in the first week of the return voyage when John Dolittle and his animals were all sitting at breakfast round the big table in the cabin,火柴📹 one of the swallows came down and said that he wanted to speak to the Doctor.火柴人枪手4"'Where am I?' asked the baby pig.

Then Gub-Gub got all worked up and before anybody could stop him he had taken a plunge. The pig went down so quick and so straight he got his snout stuck in the mud at the bottom,火柴🐓 and the Doctor,火柴🐢 still out of breath,枪手🌕 had to go down after him and get him free. The animals by this time were at such a pitch of excitement that even the white mouse would have jumped in if Gub-Gub's accident hadn't changed his mind.


About ten o'clock in the morning Fred,火柴🎲 the partner,火柴💯 returned in the little sail-boat from his oyster-gathering expedition. He was very much worried when he heard of the accident which had happened while he had been off duty. Fred,枪手⏰ like the other keeper,枪手🙀 was a Londoner and a seaman. He was a pleasant fellow and both he and his partner (who was now almost entirely recovered from his injury) were very glad of the Doctor's company to break the tiresome dullness of their lonely life.

"Pearls? What do you mean?" said the bird.火柴人枪手4Then John Dolittle told the Captain the whole story of Zuzana and her troubles. And all the other officers on the ship gathered around to listen.

And he took off his clothes,枪手⭕ got into the canoe and paddled out with the animals till he was over the oyster beds. Then he dove right down into the clear green water,火柴🌊 while Jip and Gub-Gub watched him with intense interest.


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    "What do you think,枪手🏂 Dab-Dab,火柴😧" he said breathless with excitement,火柴📋 "I've got a second letter from the turtle and the messenger is going to take us to see him!"

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    Presently John Dolittle's mouth filled with water and he began to splutter and gurgle and Jip was really frightened. But just as the Doctor's eyes were closing and he seemed too weak to swim another stroke a curious thing happened. Jip felt something come up under the water,火柴📘 right beneath his feet,火柴👯 and lift him and the Doctor slowly out of the sea,枪手📤 like the rising deck of a submarine. Up and up they were lifted,枪手🐱 now entirely out of the water. And,枪手🏬 gasping and sprawling side by side,火柴🚉 they gazed at one another in utter astonishment.

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    The Doctor,火柴🔸 the gull,火柴📺 One Eye,火柴♓ Dab-Dab,枪手🛂 Cheapside,枪手⚫ Speedy-the-Skimmer and Too-Too the mathematician put their heads together and discussed far into the night,枪手👙 working out a whole lot more arrangements and particulars for running a good weather bureau. And a few weeks later a second brand new notice board appeared on the walls of the Doctor's post office,枪手🔨 beside the one for Outgoing and Incoming Mails.

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    "Don't worry,火柴🐾 Doctor,枪手⏳ I'll get it to her,枪手⛽" said the mouse. "I've just found an old rat hole over here in the corner. I popped down it and it goes under the wall and comes out by the root of the tree on the other side of the road from the prison."

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    "Now,枪手♑ it happened that I had met this George Morland,火柴© who was,火柴🍹 and is still,枪手👮 perhaps the most famous painter of farm-life pictures the world has ever known. I am proud to be able to say that I knew him. He was especially good at painting horses in stables,枪手👢 pigs in stys,枪手🍆 roosters and dogs hanging around kitchen doors,火柴🔪 and things like that.

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    "Why do you call it the Secret Lake?" asked the Doctor.

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    "I agree,枪手🍓" said the King. "But the stamps must all have my beautiful face upon them,火柴📄 and no other."

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