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"Mind,鳄鱼🎺 you wash the soap out first,鳄鱼👟 Doc,鳄鱼🍶" chirped the Sparrow,特效👮 "it gets into my eyes."

Then the Emir himself began to get panicky. And he gave orders that the Doctor should be released right away.


"Who's turn is it to give us a story now?" asked the Doctor,特效🕊 when the supper things were cleared away the following evening.


Then he took them to the great ship,特效🌂 which was sailing calmly onward toward the rocks and destruction. And there,鳄鱼🏉 going forward to where the helmsman held the spokes of the wheel and watched the compass swinging before him in the light of a little,鳄鱼🆓 dim lamp,特效🚔 the gulls started dashing themselves into the wheelman's face and covering the glass of the compass,特效🎸 so he could not steer the ship.

特效化妆鳄鱼"Oh,鳄鱼🍂 how splendid!" cried the Doctor.

"Marvelous!" cried the Doctor. "How do you do it?"


No one went near her and the swallows had her to themselves. And they agreed afterward that they found her the best place for nesting they had ever used.

"And not a bite to eat shall you ever have till I do,特效📮" the Emir yelled.特效化妆鳄鱼Cheapside's help was,特效🈂 indeed,特效🌓 most valuable to the Doctor. The King himself said that the mails were wonderfully managed. The letters were brought regularly and never left at the wrong house.

Well,化妆⚓ that was how still another department,特效➿ the Parcel Post,特效🏭 was added to the Foreign Mails Office of Fantippo. Gub-Gub's sprouts arrived (tons of them,特效🍈 because this was a very big flight of birds),鳄鱼🅾 and after that many kinds of animals came to the Doctor and asked him to send for foreign foods for them when their own ran short. In this way,特效📴 too,特效🏰 bringing seeds and plants from other lands by birds,鳄鱼👱 the Doctor tried quite a number of experiments in planting,鳄鱼🎥 and what is called acclimatizing,特效🐶 fruits and vegetables and even flowers.

"And me,鳄鱼📷 too,化妆😙" sighed Jip. "Were there many rats in the woodshed,鳄鱼🙇 Cheapside?"

By this time Dab-Dab had gone outside again and was watching over the sea for the oncoming ship. And when at last the great light from the big lamp at the top of the tower suddenly flared out over the sea there was the bow of the vessel,特效⬛ not more than a hundred yards from the rocky shore of the cape!

特效化妆鳄鱼"Don't celebrate Christmas!" cried Cheapside in a shocked voice. "What a disgraceful scandal! Well,化妆🔷 look here,鳄鱼⬜ Doctor. You just tell King Cocoa-butter that if 'e and 'is people don't celebrate the festive season by giving us post-birds Christmas-boxes there ain't going to be no mail delivered in Fantipsy from New Year's to Easter. And you can tell 'im I said so. It's 'igh time somebody hen-lightened 'is hignorance."

"Not at all,鳄鱼🎀" said Jip. "Look here,特效📅 Doctor,特效🎀 if we can't raise a canoe,特效📪 let's you and I swim out to the island. It's not over a mile and a half and we're both good swimmers."


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    "What was here before the Flood then?" asked the Doctor.

    2021-4-2 13:11:55

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    Slowly and smoothly,鳄鱼🐪 like some unbelievable monster of former days,特效🍇 the turtle moved his great bulk across his little island and slid himself into the lake without splashing or disturbance of any kind. Only a gentle swirling in the water showed where he had disappeared.

    2021-4-2 13:11:55

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    "Well,化妆🏮 right from the start we did a roaring trade. All the dogs for miles around heard of us and came to hire bones. And we would charge them according to the length of time they wanted to hire them. For instance,鳄鱼🚓 you could rent a good ham bone for one day for a candlestick or a hair brush; for three days for a violin or an umbrella. And if you wanted your bone for a whole week you had to bring us a suit of clothes in payment.

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    "The gull caught the tomato skin with a lightning lunge"

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    "The Doctor span the penny"

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    "How extraordinary!" said John Dolittle,化妆🎷 entirely bewildered. "What ails the man?"

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    And in the second while the pistol was lowered the Doctor sprang onto the man's back,化妆🍋 gripped him around the neck,特效🏪 and with a crash the two of them went rolling on the floor of the cabin.

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