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"'What's his name?' I asked.



"Of a story?" cried Too-Too.

"There goes the Dolittle fortune. My,阻燃剂💞 but it is marvelous how money doesn't stick to that man's fingers!"氮系阻燃剂的优点And,优点🔨 taking down his clothes off his own head,优点🐇 the Doctor smartened up his high hat and dressed himself,优点🈸 while the strange thing that had saved their lives carried them steadily and firmly toward the mysterious island.


"All right,优点🚲" said the mouse. And he slipped down the rat hole.

"I think turnips at a wedding quite proper. You might ask the guests to leave the tops on. They will then look more like a bouquet.氮系阻燃剂的优点By getting his friends,优点📝 the village mice,优点💻 to help him in the preparation of these nuts,阻燃剂🏉 he was able to supply them in hundreds. Then all the Doctor had to do when he wanted a drink was to put one in his mouth,优点🗼 crack it with his teeth,优点🚤 and after the cool water had run down his throat,阻燃剂🌗 spit the broken shells out.

"Once upon a time,阻燃剂🏦" Gub-Gub began,阻燃剂😹 "a small pig went out into the forest with his father to dig for truffles. The father pig was a very clever truffle digger,优点❄ and just by smelling the ground he could tell with great sureness the places where truffles were to be found. Well,阻燃剂💽 this day they came upon a place beneath some big oak trees and they started digging. Presently,优点⚓ after the father pig had dug up an enormous truffle and they were both eating it,优点⭕ they heard,优点🏩 to their great astonishment,阻燃剂🍳 the sound of voices coming from the hole out of which they had dug the truffle.

The Doctor readily agreed because he hadn't been on a voyage in a long while and he felt he too needed a change from the chilly December days of England.

"About three weeks would be my guess,阻燃剂📰" whispered Cheapside. "Turtles do everything slow. Something tells me that story is the longest story in the world,阻燃剂😂 Doctor. Let's get a nap and a bite to eat first. We can hear it just as well to-morrow."氮系阻燃剂的优点Then there was much rejoicing and hand-shaking and congratulation on board the warship. And a grand dinner was prepared for the slaves on the main deck. But John Dolittle,优点👠 Zuzana and her husband were invited to the officers' mess,阻燃剂🚺 where their health was drunk in port wine and speeches were made by the Captain and the Doctor.

"But I don't understand,优点🔒" said John Dolittle. "I thought Wilkins had made off with them."

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    "But these oyster beds don't belong to me,优点🔸" said John Dolittle.

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    But the parent birds,优点👈 as soon as the young ones were able to fly,阻燃剂🚓 set their children to work clearing up the mess. And all that mud was taken off and dropped into the harbor,优点🏡 piece by piece. And the Doctor's ship was left in a cleaner state than it had ever been before in its whole life.

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    After supper had been served and eaten and the Doctor had been made to tell the story of the pearl fisheries all over again for the benefit of his own family circle,阻燃剂🚏 he at last turned to the enormous pile of letters which were waiting for him. They came,阻燃剂🌺 as usual,阻燃剂📚 from all parts of the world,阻燃剂🔗 from every conceivable kind of animal and bird. For hours he waded patiently through them,优点🎣 answering them as they came. Speedy acted as his secretary and took down in bird and animal scribble the answers that the Doctor reeled off by the dozen. Often John Dolittle dictated so fast that the poor Skimmer had to get Too-Too (who had a wonderful memory) to come and help listen,阻燃剂🔐 so nothing should be missed through not writing it down quick enough.

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    "Oh,优点🈚 come on,优点🅿 Push,优点🗽" said Jip. "Don't be so bashful. We've all told one. You don't mean to say you've lived all your life in the African jungle without seeing any adventures? There must be lots of yarns you could tell us."

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    "'Heaven preserve us!' he cried. 'What a dreadful exhibition! No wonder the dog was excited.'

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    Then he went to call on the King,优点🌲 as he did every so often. And in the course of conversation John Dolittle asked His Majesty if he knew who the white stranger might be that had called at the houseboat for a postal order.

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    Then came a cry from the look-out,阻燃剂💜 shouted orders from the captain,优点📔 much blowing of whistles and ringing of bells. And just in time to save herself from a watery grave,阻燃剂🐶 the big ship swung her nose out to sea and sailed safely past upon her way.

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