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"He held scribbling classes for the animals"


"The gulls dashed themselves into the wheelman's face"


"Sir Timothy was furious. And,攻略🚪 calling for Dr. Phipps,地牢🈶 he demanded that I apologize. I said I wouldn't. Then Sir Timothy told Phipps that if I didn't he would start an invalids' strike. Phipps got terribly worried and implored me to apologize to this very special patient. I still refused.

"'Look! Look what you've done to me now!' I cried. 'It isn't even a navy blue. You've made me just hideous!'地牢制造者露娜攻略

"Tell 'im,地牢🎷" said Cheapside,地牢🌚 "we'll expect two lumps of sugar on every doorstep Christmas morning for the post-birds. No sugar,制造者🎠 no letters!"


The Doctor made out the postal order and took the money,地牢😰 which the man handed through the window.地牢制造者露娜攻略For a moment Too-Too's plump sides shook with silent laughter as he recalled the scene he was describing.

"I know!" cried Jip,地牢🚏 "write to the Cats'-Meat-Man."

That was why,攻略▪ she said,地牢📩 she hated all white men and had not wanted to speak to the Doctor when he had hailed her canoe.地牢制造者露娜攻略And then because so many letters were written him about good manners and proper behavior,露娜🍒 he wrote a "Book of Etiquette for Animals." It is still a very famous work,攻略🆓 though copies of it are rare now. But when he wrote it the Doctor printed a first edition of fifty thousand copies and sent them all out by mail in one week. It was at this time,地牢💙 too,地牢🍫 that he wrote and circulated another very well-known book of his called "One-Act Plays for Penguins."

As the light grew dimmer the calls of several night birds sounded from the mangroves on the left. Too-Too told the Doctor that many of these were owls,地牢🚼 but of kinds that he had never seen or met with before.

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    "Let's 'ope it 'asn't many verses,攻略🎁" grumbled Cheapside,地牢☎ sleepily putting his head under his wing.

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    Many of the giraffes were suffering from sore hoofs and he showed them where to find a special root that could be put into a foot bath and would bring immediate relief. The rhinoceroses' horns were growing too long and John Dolittle explained to them how by grinding them against a certain kind of stone and by eating less grass and more berries they could keep the growth down. A special sort of nut tree that the deer were fond of had grown scarce and almost died out from constant nibbling. And the Doctor showed the chief stags how,攻略⚡ by taking a few nuts and poking them down into the soft earth with their hoofs before the rainy season set in,攻略🍒 they could make new trees grow and so increase the supply.

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    On the third day of travel this river bed led them into an entirely new and different kind of country. If you have never been in a mangrove swamp,露娜🐨 it is difficult to imagine what it looks like. It was mournful scenery. Flat bog land,攻略💟 full of pools and streamlets,露娜🍉 dotted with tufts of grass and weed,攻略💎 tangled with gnarled roots and brambling bushes,攻略👮 spread out for miles and miles in every direction. It reminded the Doctor of some huge shrubbery that had been flooded by heavy rains. No large trees were here,制造者😃 such as they had seen in the jungle lower down. Seven or eight feet above their heads was as high as the mangroves grew and from their thin boughs long streamers of moss hung like gray,攻略◼ fluttering rags.

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    "He hasn't any new instruments at all. The man's a fake. All he has down there is an old barge and a whole lot of messy birds flying around."

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    "There doesn't seem to be anything very hopeful there,露娜✈" said the Doctor.

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    "All right,攻略😢" said the King. "Here's a letter to a friend of mine who runs a shoe-shine parlor in Alabama. Let me see how quickly you can get me an answer to it."

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