• Then the Violet swung her great bow around to the north once more and sailed away for England,😕 while the bluejackets crowded the rail and sent three hearty cheers for the Doctor ringing across the sea.

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    "But even Columbus himself never learned to his dying day that it was the weather-beaten bird who had fallen on his friendly deck some years before,🍕 who had led him by the shortest cut to the land of the New World.

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    "Well,🚽" said the Doctor,🌒 settling himself back in his chair,🆖 "I think I'll call this story 'The Invalids' Strike.'"

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    "Well,👒 now,🍫 look here,💁 Cheapside,📍" said the Doctor. "We want you to get these city deliveries straightened out for us in the town of Fantippo. Our post birds are having great difficulty finding the right houses to take letters to. You're a city-bird,⛲ born and bred. Do you think you can help us?"

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    "About a turnip field,💙" said Gub-Gub.

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    Too-Too yawned and blinked up sleepily at the lantern hanging above his head.

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